Our New White Paper: A Guide to Successful Digital Transformation (in 5 steps)

Darren Stevens September 12, 2019

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Even at the highest level, it helps to break down a digital transformation to its component parts — approaching it step by step. This digital transformation white paper, authored by our CEO Darren Stevens, does exactly that.

We empathize with the plight of technology leaders charged with their company’s digital transformation projects. Our leadership has been through the process of changing over large systems multiple times, and no one project is ever the same as the last. 

Even at the highest level, it helps to break down a digital transformation to its component parts—approaching it step by step. To that end, we created this white paper, authored by our CEO Darren Stevens, to help CIOs, digital transformation architects, business or technical analysts, project managers, and any stakeholders involved in a digital transformation. 

What You’ll Learn

It takes a village, so one of the first things covered in the white paper is how to mobilize all of your stakeholders, to get the project requirements right the first time around. 

The white paper also outlines how to take inventory of your existing systems, technology, and tools so you can accurately illustrate the current state and ideal state (endgame) of your transformation. 

The five steps will also walk you through how to model your requirements management, business processes, and activity flows, so you can account for them with your new solution. You’ll also learn how best to futureproof your system, enabling the integration of new tools with existing assets. 

The process need not be as challenging as it seems at the outset. In fact, following the five steps in this white paper will help protect you from the kind of overages and risk that can be the source of so much fear with large systems changes. 

Achieving Success with Your Digital Transformation

Whether you are in finance, health, government or another similarly large-scale industry, the stakes are high when it comes to digital transformation. You can meet the demands of your customers with a new technology solution that works with your legacy systems and avoid the need for expensive vendor customizations of your more modern applications.

To avoid the known pitfalls of a transformation of this magnitude, read through the white paper and adapt the five steps to meet your specific needs. It will give you a clearer picture of the end game and a roadmap for how to get there. 

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