Canada Purchases Health Care Integration Technology for BC

Avato December 12, 2017
Avato integrations in healthcare

[edited]VANCOUVER, Dec. 12, 2017 /CNW/ – Avato (formerly World West Technologies Inc.), an innovative Canadian developer of enterprise integration middleware, announced today that it has been awarded a Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) contract to deploy its latest software, Mobius, to BC Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS) for use in system improvements for BC’s health care system.

Under the award, the company will provide 18 licensed Mobius integration servers, configured to provide process automation and orchestration facilities. Designed to enable reliable just-in-time (JIT) delivery of medical supplies to health care facilities across the province, the solution is ultimately expected to increase clinical space, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enable economies of scale by enabling centralized purchasing.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be accomplished by interconnecting the multitude of disparate BC health care systems,” said Darren Stevens, President and CEO of Avato. “We’re thrilled that Mobius has been recognized by the Government of Canada as leading-edge technology, and are honoured to have the opportunity to use it to improve the quality of health care for citizens across British Columbia.”

“As an innovative enterprise for the province, BCCSS always seeks opportunities to bring improved functionality to our systems and services,” said Doug Kent, Executive Lead, Support Services, BCCSS. “Mobius technology shows great promise in its ability to automate information flows across multiple systems.”

Further information about the award is available here. Further information about Avato (formerly World West Technologies) is available here. Further information about BCCSS is available here.

About Avato (formerly World West)

Avato (formerly World West Technologies Inc.) is an innovative Canadian provider of enterprise integration technologies and consulting services. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company was formed in 2013.


BC Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS) is a not-for-profit society created by the BC Ministry of Health to promote health in the province by coordinating, managing and/or providing clinical, diagnostic, and support services to British Columbia’s health care system.  The Support Services division provides non-clinical support services to British Columbia’s health authorities to enhance value to the health care system through increased process efficiency, standardization, capital avoidance and leveraging of buying power.

For further information:

Darren Stevens, President / CEO

Amanda Smith, BSc
Provincial Director, Stakeholder Engagement
Direct: 604.297.9537


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