Integration Fuels Innovation

Avato is architecting a foundation for today’s connected experiences.


Avato is a hybrid integration platform that provides business with a robust technology foundation that securely, quickly, and simply integrates previously fragmented and incompatible systems and data.

Developed for the most complex, regulated environments, Avato de-risks digital transformation and delivers unmatched value.


Integrated Systems Software

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Modernizing isolated, legacy systems

Avato accelerates the integration of isolated systems and fragmented data, delivering the connected foundation enterprises need to simplify, standardize, and modernize.

Securely handles complex systems

Architected for secure transactions, Avato is trusted by banks, healthcare, and government.

When downtime is not an option, trust Avato

Built for integration projects where 24/7 uptime is required with no room for defects, errors, or outages, Avato delivers a rock-solid foundation for your digital transformation initiatives.

Unlock data and systems in weeks, not months

With support for 12 levels of interface maturity, Avato allows you to balance speed of integration with the sophistication required to future-proof your technology stack.

“Avato enabled us to align the outcomes we wanted to achieve in the time frame and price point we were targeting.”

~ Gustavo Estrada, Acting Provincial Director, Performance &

Transformation, BC Provincial Health Services Authority

The Avato Hybrid Integration Platform enables you to:

  • Maximize and extend the value of legacy systems.
  • Handle complex integrations, simply.
  • Provide real-time monitoring and alerts on system performance.
  • Significantly reduce costs.