We Are Now Avato

Avato January 28, 2019
We are now Avato

After six years as World West Technologies we are excited to unveil our new brand and name! Moving forward, we are Avato Systems. This all-encompassing change supports the company’s growth and success in the hybrid data integration space. Avato’s new brand reflects who our company is and what we are to our customers: a smart, reliable, agent for change.

Avato accelerates the integration of isolated systems and fragmented data, delivering the connected foundation enterprises need to simplify, standardize and modernize. Says John Johnstone, Manager, OSME Pacific, Public Services and Procurement Canada, ‘The integration project was delivered on-time and in-scope. There was a clear flow of information that ensured the integrations were done properly and the deployment went smoothly. They really simplified what could have been a difficult project and their very organized team was excellent to work with.’

For enterprises committed to prioritizing a customer-centric approach, systems and data integration are the foundation for true digital transformation. Darren Stevens, CEO of Avato Systems, notes “The persistent growth of the innovation imperative even in today’s most complex, regulated environments demands digital transformation. Faced with this ‘up-leveling of integration’, digital transformation is no longer the sole domain of the CIO, but a strategic priority for CEOs.”

Adds Stevens, “The launch of our new brand showcases the elegance, simplicity and stability prized by Avato’s clients such as British Columbia’s Provincial Health Services Authority and Coast Capital Savings.”

Our re-brand includes our new name and an updated visual identity. Our name ‘Avato’ stems from the Hungarian word for “of dedication” and that is exactly what we stand for: a deep dedication to architecting the technology foundation our clients need to power rich, connected customer experiences. Avato’s new brand assets include a clean, modern black-and-white logo, along with a new website and other visual communications that use simple, bold graphics to convey complex solutions in an understandable way.


Avato is a hybrid data integration platform that provides business with a robust technology foundation that securely, quickly and simply integrates systems and data. Developed for the most complex, regulated environments, Avato de-risks the evolution of technology infrastructures while reducing integration costs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Avato Systems, please visit www.avato.co.


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