10 Years of Avato’s Hybrid Integration Platform

Darren Stevens May 27, 2020
Future proof with Hybrid Integration

Connecting the Past to the Present

10 years. It’s a significant amount of time and yet sometimes it seems like it can pass in the blink of any eye. March of this year marked a significant milestone for us — as a company, we celebrated our seventh year in business, but our technology has been in use for 10 years. Naturally, we were feeling reminiscent, but with covid-19 happening at the same time, it didn’t feel like the right time for celebration. We’re hoping that now, as people look forward to returning to the “new normal”, that this story might remind us of that life goes on, and could be a refreshing change from all of the pandemic news flooding our inboxes. 

Our home city of Vancouver is presently celebrating the 10-year anniversary of hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics.10 years ago, Apple was releasing its first iPad (there have been no fewer than 20 different models since). Obama was in the White House, Mark Zuckerberg was Time’s Person of the Year and it was a swine flu pandemic that was causing hysteria in the news. Most significantly for us, 10 years ago this month we were deploying the first version of our software. 

To celebrate the past decade, we want to share a timeline of the major milestones that have taken place for us since those early days. Technology years can feel like dog years; you’ll see from the chronology below that our experience runs deep. And yet in many ways, it feels like we are only getting started. Read on to learn about our history and a note or two about what comes next for Avato. 

March 2010

10 years ago this month, our founders were deploying the first working version of our technology at Coast Capital Savings for use in their core banking conversion project. The existing applications now communicate with our integration, which in turn communicates with the Temenos T24 core banking system, instead of the legacy banking system with which they were designed to operate. 

The platform runs flawlessly throughout the project, ensuring real data feeds are available for QA and testing and provides the irrefutable evidence when the new core banking system is or is not functioning correctly.

October 2012

Coast Capital, Canada’s second-largest credit union, agrees to grant all IP rights for our technology back to us in exchange for a long-term warranty, maintenance and support agreement. 

This is a seminal moment in our history, as the technology can be used as a general solution, applicable to virtually any data conversion or integration strategy. It’s a very simple solution to some very complex problems that succeeds in its duties of ensuring reliable communications between applications.

February 2013

Our technology goes live at Coast Capital, and our company is incorporated. 

August 2013 

There are still no reported defects in our platform, now running live at Coast in production for six months. We are accepted into Canada’s then-leading venture accelerator, Wavefront, and the founders attend ACETECH go-to-market training.

January 2014

Coast Capital engages us to connect the Aspect UIP system as a replacement for the aging Apropos IVR system. Avato adapts the new Aspect IVR system to work with the core banking system, once again avoiding costly modifications to the core banking system. Multiple microservices are developed and deployed and an automated testing system is developed to verify the consistency of every field of every message across vendor applications.

November 2015

We release the “2.0” version of our technology into production at Coast Capital, many months ahead of the IVR conversion project. The platform sits waiting for the new Aspect system to go live.

June 2016

The Aspect conversion is completed, and the Next Generation Contact Centre project goes live at Coast. We now support 33 interfaces in production for this major customer and the platform enables a mere 63-second outage as the entire Coast-by-Phone telephone banking and contact center telephony system switches over at go-live without a glitch.

February 2017

We are accepted into the pre-qualified pool of innovations eligible for federal funding under the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). 

November 2017

Two of Avato’s founders receiving BCIP award from the Honourable Minister Qualtrough in Vancouver

We are awarded a BCIP contract, bringing in nearly $600k of federal funding enabling the deployment of our technology at seven major health authorities in British Columbia. 

The company works closely with PHSA (then-BCCSS) to build just-in-time supply chain automation using version 3.1 of our platform, enabling the efficient supply of new North Island Hospitals from warehouses at Fraser Health via systems and Avato at Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) and Fraser Health Authority (FHA).

June 2018

Our system goes live at three health authorities, initially supplying the new North Island hospitals. Major efficiencies are achieved starting from day one. Read more about our project with PHSA in this case study.

January 2019

The company completes a rebrand and launches its new trademarked brand, Avato. The original World West and the Mobius platform names are retired.

We are now Avato

April 2019

Avato wins an RFP for a major schedule-one Canadian bank, who wishes to use the platform as the foundation for all transactions and machine-to-machine communications. The technical teams begin enabling new use cases never before possible, such as making multiple core banking systems act as one, without requiring modifications to the core banking systems or the web banking services provided by an outside service provider.

February 2020

Avato 4.0 goes live in the BC health system, without a glitch. PHSA successfully uses its own internal Avato personnel to implement the upgrade. The systems continue running smoothly. Our company turns seven years old. 

May 2020 and Beyond

Avato continues to foster relationships with health authorities, financial institutions and service providers to help them realize the value of a hybrid integration platform. For many of these larger institutions, digital transformation can be a costly, years-long endeavor that offers no guarantee of success. As the appetite for newer, faster tech only increases, our hybrid middleware solution has become a viable alternative. 

You could say it’s our way of connecting the past to the present. 

If you would like to learn more about Avato’s hybrid integration platform and how it can assist your institution with a digital transformation project, connect with me on LinkedIn or contact:  info@avato.co

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