How Avato helped Integrate Health Systems in British Columbia


British Columbia’s Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) has “a unique role in BC’s health system: to ensure that BC residents have access to a coordinated Provincial network of high-quality specialized health-care services.” To help fulfill PHSA’s mandate to unite systems and data across the province, PHSA turned to Avato (formerly, World West Technologies) and their Mobius platform (now, collectively known as Avato) to securely unlock incompatible data in disparate health systems spanning organizational and security boundaries.  

The need to have the right clinical supplies in the right place at the right time had only become more complex an increasing number of hospitals, staff, and patients. As part of PHSA’s mandate to “… establish a provincial approach and action plan for health sector digital and information technology…”, the solution needed to be the first steps towards a provincial-scale solution.  

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